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  • Creation The Creation line represents the very essence of cognac.

    Most of the blends are comprised of Petite and Grande Champagne eaux de vie only. The Creation line has appealed to more and more cognac lovers thanks to the quality of its expressions, their incredible balance and complexity. Their extended aging is an additional token of excellence!

    It is an elegant and contemporary range presented in a unique and modern packaging. The Creation line brings intense pleasure and an exceptional experience.

  • Collection The objective of the Collection line is to share our terroir and authenticity with cognac lovers. It is the opportunity for them to taste the different characteristics of each growth area, which used to be the master blender’s privilege only.

    All expressions of this line have the same age so that cognac lovers can discover the different aromas and flavors each cognac cru has to offer.

  • Millesimes Our range of vintages is a unique cognac line. The eaux de vie of these wonderful years were collected, put aside and made vintages. They come exclusively from growth areas that were selected for their great quality. Their extended aging gives them an ideal aromatic concentration, specific to A de Fussigny’s style, thus creating harmony, finesse and complexity.

  • l'Héritage L’HÉRITAGE DE A. DE FUSSIGNY is a unique alliance between intensity and elegance, and the result of a two-century know-how…