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ADEFUSSIGNY est en faveur d'une consommation modérée de ses produits

A modern gustatory experience

A. De fussigny is the synergy 'à la française' between heritage and audacity... Carefully selected barrels, a unique location on the banks of the Charente for an unparalleled hygrometry, the choice of local, strong-bodied eaux-de-vie combined with research, design and creativity. An association of yesterday and today with only one goal: to delight the taste buds of enthusiasts.

200 years of history

Spiritueux : savoir-faire ancestral, rayonnement international

Trained by the greatest, our cellar master carries on an ancestral know-how. With many years of experiences abroad, the master blender combines style and character, becoming the conductor of the amber symphonies that define A. de Fussigny cognacs.


La Maison de cognac A. de Fussigny s’est inscrite dans la continuité de la viticulture biologique pour appliquer des principes de production bio, transparente et éco-innovante de façon transverse. En se donnant pour objectif de devenir un acteur impliqué, porteur du cognac bio et naturel, nous faisons évoluer notre organisation et nos processus pour respecter, défendre et promouvoir le “mieux produire”

Notre démarche

Our values

Our artisans

A. De fussigny is a very large family, as diverse in its trades as in its personalities. We cannot imagine our work without the myriad of local artisans (glassmakers, coopers, winemakers, distillers...) who accompany us and allow us to deliver our very best: our cognacs.

Our land

Everything comes from the soil. We are forever indebted to it. A. De Fussigny is one of the largest buyers of organic eaux-de-vie and carefully selects its partners based on their sustainable practices. We are ourselves working to reduce our impact, to preserve our channels so that cognac may continue to be produced in the best social, economic and environmental conditions with 85% of dry materials in France; 15% less than 1500km from the estate.

Our cultures

Cognac's story one of heritage, to be preserved, protected and carried on. Like the land, but impalpable, culture requires today very close attention. A. de Fussigny is aware of these issues and works every day to promote their visibility on both an international and local level. More specifically, we are redesigning our bottles in order to minimize our impact: making our bottles lighter, reducing their weight for transport, so that cognac may live on!

Our customers

Inspiration and support, we owe it all to our customers. This is why A. de Fussigny has always developed a consumption/tasting oriented approach. Because our only objective is to meet their expectations, we develop our eaux-de-vie to celebrate and amaze cognac enthusiasts from around the world. May each sip be a celebration! Thank you.